Monday, December 14, 2009

A small update...

With regard to two of my previous posts...

Firstly, INSECT KILLER! aisles...I thought you might like to see what appeared as I was folding today's laundry in the supposed safety of our living room (the calm of which was abruptly shattered by the sounds of me screaming). I would welcome any suggestions as to what exactly this creature might be (my guess is a ginormous grasshopper but as it was about five inches long with feelers another six inches long sprouting from just behind it's nose perhaps it's a LONG-FEELERED GOLIATH grasshopper) and which particular spray I might need to EXTERMINATE the ugly bastard....

Secondly, with regard to Trees That Flower, I am rather proud of the following, considering that I when I bought this sickly looking Frangipani almost a year ago on one of my fevered first trips to a garden centre in Sydney it was distinctly unimpressive. But now? Lo! Behold! it has flowered...(and soon it will be a tree if the pace at which it is shooting forth new branches is anything to go by).


  1. mmm. 1. I think that would be a locust and 2. I think that would be a frangipani! xd

  2. Yes definitely Frangipani - one of my favourites. Looking forward to seeing and particularly smelling them in India (we leave tomorrow!). didn't realise you had them there too. Now that really is something to celebrate. x